The Real Deal 18th April 2019


If you – or your parents(!) got married in the 1980s, chances are you would be embarrassed by the puffy sleeved wedding dresses and Princess Di hairstyles which were very in vogue at the time.

Now if you got married this year, chances are you’ll look back in 20 years and cringe about the beard on men, the “on fleek” fake lashes and the tattooed brows. This is 2019.
It is also the year of the black kitchen and bathroom taps. In fact, they’ve been around for a while now. We’re beginning to see the appearance of small motif tiles too in Middle-Eastern tradition. So how much of today’s current trends are too much?

I think it’s crucial to timeproof your property. Time-proofing means doing alterations and renovations that are never actually IN fashion and never actually go out of fashion! I recently went to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (yes, the hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed) and the words that come to mind are classy, classical and timeless. The same could be said about the Notre-Dame de Paris– how many Notre-Dame selfies of your friends have you seen on facebook in the last 48 hours? Aesthetically pleasing things are always sought-after, even if they represent a bygone era. This was built in the style of French Gothic Architecture – certainly nothing like the Hillsong auditorium in Mount Gravatt.

When renovating, always steer clear of being completely trendy, unless you are planning to sell immediately. However, when renovating to enjoy, it would be prudent advice to “timeproof” your home. Neutral tones are always a good idea, but even they go out of fashion. Gray will be very infra dig in 10 years’ time! Incorporating gold colours can add a timeless elegance and warmth to your home, complementing natural materials beautifully. Stone, marble, timber, raked ceilings, and beautiful cabinetry, along with high ceilings and ornate cornices, can all be enhanced with touches of gold, whether in fixtures, fittings, or decorative elements, to create a rich and inviting atmosphere.

The property of the week for this without doubt has to be 11 Potter Lane, Carina Heights. This really has a timeless appeal and even the bathrooms have been renovated so superbly with beautiful cabinetry, and to such a high degree of finish that I can safely say, the sellers have definitely GOT THIS ONE RIGHT! Should you be looking for a quality home or if you are wanting to talk about a quality renovation, like many of my clients do before selling, you are welcome to talk to me!

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