The Real Deal 24th January 2020

Now last week we spoke about the first group of people that are very open and very teachable now the second group of people generally have bought and sold a few houses over their time and unfortunately that does come with an air of we know what were doing and we know what we want it’s a little bit like a patient feeling sick and going to the doctor and the doctor says you’ve got a virus but the patient insisting that they are given antibiotics okay we deal with a lot of sellers that are like this they think they know what they need but they actually don’t know as a result they give us their formula or when we give them a prescribed plan they start deviating and then they wonder why they don’t get the result that theyre actually after these are the people that wont style these are the people that wont advertise to domain these are the people that wont do what they’re supposed to do wont do video they think they know it all now we can work with those people but the more you deviate from the formula the more your price will deviate