Grey Water

Not only is water a scarce resource globally- it also takes a huge amounts of energy to move it around – all adding to your carbon footprint. Grey water is the solution.

Money goes down the plug-hole
Most consumers are very wasteful when it comes to water usage. In Western economies, we take water supply for granted and use huge quantities of potable water – often for non-essential purposes and – worst – sometimes we just pour it straight away. So what can you do ? Clearly, we can all make efforts to cut down on our use of water by simple means, but also domestic water treatment equipment is now available to help householders to recycle used potable water (‘Grey Water’) and also to harvest rainwater. We like to think of this as Green Water.

Giving Grey Water the Green Rinse
With the right treatment, you can put Grey Water to good use in applications such as laundry, toilet flushing, and also for plant watering – for which the phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients provide a good food source. Grey water provides many benefits. You can install a home UV filtration system from a number of suppliers globally.

Rainwater Harvesting
This is a low cost option that simply involves the collection of rainwater from surfaces on which rain falls. Generally, water will be collected from the roofs of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks. All you need is to capture this rainwater and direct it from roof gutters to your rainwater storage tank. It’s well worth checking to see if you are eligible for a grant. Government grants may be available to help pay the cost of installing a water tank.

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