Why Homes Don’t Sell

Now you can stop worrying about your house not selling and start being positive. A good idea would be to get the free eBook on this web site and then phone Gaby McEwan on 0401 781 116 and start planning to move in the right direction.

Is the asking price right?
There are lots of possible reasons why a property may not be selling as quickly as it should, in the great majority of instances it is because the asking price is all wrong. Ask Gaby McEwan and she will tell you… “Everything is price relative. No matter how your property presents, or where it is located – every property can sell for the right price”.

Why the wrong price?
It’s sad to say but over pricing a property is often the fault of a poorly informed Real Estate Sales Consultant who misguides their clients into thinking their property will sell for more than it ever can.

This often happens when sales people will say anything to get the listing and then their clients are left in the lurch when the sale does not happen. Lesson One; only appoint an Agent who provides you with a true market comparison and offers professional advice. If the price a sales person tells you sounds too high, it probably is.

Of course there are other times when people who sell can be a little over ambitious and expect too high a price, that’s when an Agent with integrity is called for, to keep clients on track to a successful sale from the start. Gaby McEwan will always conduct thorough research and produce a detailed market comparison; this establishes a firm foundation for the selling process. If the price you expect is too low Gaby McEwan will tell you and the same goes the other way. The truth, as ever, is always the right path.

Understanding the “Buyer Pool”
The first few weeks of your property being on the market are vital as this is when the “Buyer Pool” becomes aware of it. Although buyers are all individual it is almost as though they have a group insight when a property asking price is too high. Ask yourself the question “Would you pay this price for your property?” If the answer is no or doubtful, then that’s the likely way the “Buyer Pool” will swim too. The best person to ask is Gaby McEwan, she will guide you on how to get the highest possible selling price and quickly too.

What can be done if the price is right and the property still won’t sell?
It could be that something is wrong with the presentation of your property. As Gaby McEwan says “I may advise you to rent some furniture to suit the home, give it a fresh coat of paint or spruce up the garden. A good idea would be to read the free eBook on this web site and get some ideas from this. Always keep in mind that if buyers see money having to be spent, they automatically start eliminating dollars from their offer. So a little spent on creating the very best first impression is a great investment”.

Structural problems?
If you are aware of any structural or pest problems with your property the best advice is to address them now and get them fixed. Why? Well come the time that “Building And Pest Inspection” is required these will be brought to the buyer’s attention and you will either be put in a position to fix, re-negotiate the price or worse still maybe see the sale fall through. Once again, please read the free eBook on this web site or give Gaby McEwan a call today.

Is your property a “secret listing” or promoted to sell?
Let’s face facts, it pays to advertise and the fact is that these days your property must be promoted to sell. However, there’s the right kind of advertising and the wrong kind too. Your property must feature on all of the internet web sites that count and feature prominently. Please read the free eBook on this web site or give Gaby McEwan a call today.

But never forget that often up to 85% of all local property sales are completed with people who already live in your area or close by. It makes sense that these key members of the “Buyer Pool” have to be “sold on your house”. That’s why local advertising, leaflets delivered direct to the letter box and personal letters to everyone in a huge database are key factors to success.

But you must beware of advertising that promotes the agent more than your property. Yes, this sounds negative but I am dealing with why a property doesn’t sell aren’t I. Check out the advertising you have been doing or are asked to do and see how much space is devoted to the agent for self promotion, then ask if this can be deducted from your account! Better still, talk to Gaby McEwan and agree to list your property for success from day one.

Stop worrying today!
You can make a positive start right now by stopping the panic and appointing Gaby McEwan to sell your property. You will get the very best advice right from the start and in just a little while you’ll be smiling all the way. What you want is the confidence of success and Gaby McEwan will gladly help you get it. When you really want to sell your home or investment property for the very best possible price, please call Gaby McEwan and get it right… right from the start.